Founded in 1996, we are a well-established, multidisciplinary recruitment firm that has a strong history of sourcing and hiring outstanding new hires for companies and organizations across North America. 

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Industries and Specializations

Learn about our in-depth recruitment expertise in almost every industry and how we support hundreds of employers and thousands of job seekers.

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Contract Staffing

Our proven staffing solution helping companies rapidly access, manage and payroll

top contractor and temporary assignment talent.

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Direct Hire

Our direct placement solution brings with it the compliance, attention to details and quality levels that you expect.

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Executive Search

Tap into our extensive experience helping employers recruit middle to senior level executives.

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Employer Of Record

And Back Office Outsourcing

Equip your business with the back office and contractor management solutions you need to maximize your productivity.

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Government Staffing

ARES is proud to be a Vendor of Record with the Government of Ontario and

the Federal Government of Canada. 

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ARES is a Canadian Staffing company that provides exceptional services in the areas of Contract Staffing, Direct Hire, Executive Search, Employer Of Record & Back Office Outsourcing, and Government Staffing.


We bring decades of experience working directly with companies of all sizes and with Enterprise and Government organizations, to provide strategic staffing support for our clients’ unique needs.

We developed our practices around Human Resources, Government requirements and industry standards that are legally defensible and fully compliant. We have established procedures, checks and balances, and bright leadership, all designed to protect our customers. 

ARES is dedicated to your success and providing the finest Staffing Solutions is our highest mission. Its the reason why after two decades, we have helped employers hire thousands of professionals. Our company was built around generating results for our clients.

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