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Contract and Temporary Assignment Staffing

ARES is proud to provide contract and temporary assignment recruitment services to hundreds of businesses including public sector businesses and governments. Whether you're hiring 1 or 100 new team mates, ARES recruiters help make hiring easy for you.

Cost Control

Our job is to stretch every dollar in your recruitment budget as far as it will go without sacrificing compliance and quality levels. Just because you’re hiring temporary assignment or contract employees doesn’t mean you should expect less from your recruiters. Value is built into every component of our temporary and contract recruitment service so that you get the skills you need now delivered within your budget.



We bring over 25 years of experience hiring, managing and payrolling high volumes of contractors and temporary assignment workers for businesses of all sizes across North America.


You can trust our history of scoring highly on internal audit systems and a deep understanding around the importance of protocol and compliance. 

​Our standard recruiting processes and models for local and remote candidates help to ensure the successful delivery of the highly skilled individuals that you need to hire.

​Our services are led and executed by exceptional recruitment professionals that deliver efficient and effective services. These exceptional services foster diversity and inclusion.


We achieve our goals through teamwork, integrity, risk management, innovative use of technology, and a commitment to privacy and accommodation.


Recruitment doesn’t work without meaningful reporting built-in. You can count on timely reports that provide you the information that you need to understand both of the progress of your recruitment along with real time employment market updates.


Tap into our Staffing talent with a proven history assisting employers in finding, hiring, managing and retaining high volumes of contractors.

—  Tamara Shaw, Manager Recruitment Delivery


Fast recruiting is important, but not at the expense of accuracy and compliance. We bring to the table rapid turnaround times without sacrificing quality. 

Appropriate Insurance Coverage

Digital Work Life

High Retention Rates

Diversity and Inclusion

ARES wraps Employment Equity/Diversity and Inclusion into our recruitment process in order to build strong, diverse teams that can help to positively impact our clients’ bottom lines.  We believe in the business case for diversity and inclusion, and we contribute to our clients’ workplaces by assisting them build high performing diverse teams.


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