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Direct Hire

From our innovative and accurate Recruitment Specialists to our genuine and bright Relationship Managers, ARES stands out by building on a legacy of satisfied customers.

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The staffing solution that started it all for us 23 years back. Our Direct Hire solution brings with it attention to detail that you need for successful hires to take place consistently and in compliance.


​Our Direct Hire service experience brings with it thousands of hires across North America. Our customers include businesses of all sizes, including but not limited to leading Insurance Companies, Software Development Companies, Financial Institutions, Franchises, Pharmaceutical Companies, Investment Firms, Government Business, Human Resources Businesses and many others.


You can trust our history of scoring highly on internal audit systems and a deep understanding around the importance of protocol, compliance and a competitive time to hire. 


​Our standard recruiting processes and models for local and remote candidates help to ensure the successful delivery of highly skilled candidates, high retention rates, and customer satisfaction. 


​Our services, led and executed by exceptional staffing professionals, deliver efficient and effective Staffing Solutions that lead to a heightened quality of business, help keep our clients compliant with Legal and HR requirements, and foster diversity and inclusion. We achieve our goals through teamwork, integrity, risk management, innovative use of technology, and a commitment to privacy and accommodation.


High quality levels flow through all of our Staffing Solutions, so that you can get the most out of your business relationship with ARES.

—  Tony Germani, Sr. Account Manger, Government Business Lead


Methodology: ARES has a methodical risk management plan and sourcing strategy that helps clients’ build and maintain a qualified labour force on an ongoing basis, in a manner that ensures compliance with HR requirements. 


​Corporate Culture: We offer a positive, healthy and inclusive workplace where employees are respected, treated fairly, consistently, and are accommodated. Our business culture is driven by hard work, strong ethic, inspiration and creative thinking. We want our employees to enjoy work life balance, and flexible work arrangements that work well with our business. 


Ongoing Legal Counsel: ARES retains in-house legal counsel for ongoing guidance to help ensure process and legislation compliance. 

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