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Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to proudly building a diverse and representative workforce. We believe that diversity and inclusion is key to quality and innovation through the sharing of ideas, experiences and abilities.

Growing Together

ARES wraps Employment Equity/Diversity and Inclusion into our recruitment process in order to build strong, diverse teams that can help to positively impact our clients’ bottom line. 


We believe in the business case for diversity and inclusion, and we contribute to our clients’ workplaces by assisting them build high performing diverse teams.

Our Work Culture

ARES a positive, healthy and inclusive workplace where employees are respected, treated fairly, consistently, and are accommodated.


Our business culture is driven by hard work, strong ethic, inspiration and creative thinking. We want our employees to enjoy work life balance, and flexible work arrangements that work well with our business.


These values allow us to achieve outstanding business results, and to provide our clients with stellar service.

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Active Involvement

As knowledgeable professionals in the recruitment, diversity and inclusion, and general HR fields, ARES presents regularly at conferences, in academic settings and within industry groups, and we have published articles in magazines and publications.

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Doing More Together

We are committed to our long-term goal of becoming a major contributor to Diversity and Inclusion in the Canadian Staffing business space.


Our company will continue to drive toward its goals through diverse, inclusive hiring, along with a commitment to support diverse suppliers for the needs of our growing business. The best is yet to come!

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