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Staffing partnerships can be very powerful.  When executed properly, they allow you to realize the potential of your ideas through bright hires. In compliant hands they protect your business from harm and open up a world of possibilities. Our clients trust us to help build their teams.

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ARES has a vibrant, world class network of Contractors, Temporary, and Full Time professionals. We can provide you with the most qualified hire to fit your budget - and we can do
it with lightning speed.
We offer compliance and protection in a world of unknowns, diversity and inclusion in a world of amazing people, and meaningful relationships, because they matter the most.


ARES is a Canadian staffing solutions company driven by amazing people, incredible technologies, and healthy values.  At ARES, we view staffing solutions in a different way.

Sure, we’re top of the line when it comes to helping you hire, but there’s so much more to us.
When you partner with ARES, you will have access to a company that will help enable you to safely make
highly effective hiring decisions that result in success.

Success. Together.

ARES enables strong, fruitful relationships among companies and top talent. We deploy effective staffing solutions that lead to a heightened quality of business, while remaining fully legally compliant, and committed to diversity and inclusion. We achieve our goals through teamwork, risk management, innovative use of technology, and a commitment to privacy and accommodation.

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