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Employer of Record, Contractor Payroll
and Back Office Outsourcing

The great thing about our Employer of Record, Contractor Payroll
and Back Office Outsourcing service is its level of flexibility, customization, risk management and cost effectiveness as compared to keeping it in house.

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Focus On Growth

Our flexible service brings over 25 years of experience to the table.

Our solution is a cost-effective way for your business to outsource your payroll and several Human Resource and compliance related functions.


Why spend your time operating your business back office when you can tap into our expertise and instead, focus on growing your business? 


  • Proper employee classification

  • Insurance Compliance

  • Onboarding

  • Support from our Finance and Accounting Department and Legal Counsel

  • Access to our 24x7 online time management portal

  • Accurate and compliant payroll delivery

  • Management of employment issues

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Our Back Office Solutions can help your business grow safely, through a standardized and compliant set of solutions that meet your needs.

—  Faye Zhu, Accounting & Finance

Appropriate Insurance Coverage

Digital Work Life



Methodology: ARES has a methodical risk management plan and sourcing strategy that helps clients’ build and maintain a qualified labour force on an ongoing basis, in a manner that ensures compliance with HR requirements. 


​Corporate Culture: We offer a positive, healthy and inclusive workplace where employees are respected, treated fairly, consistently, and are accommodated. Our business culture is driven by hard work, strong ethic, inspiration and creative thinking. We want our employees to enjoy work life balance, and flexible work arrangements that work well with our business. 


Ongoing Legal Counsel: ARES retains Legal Counsel for ongoing guidance to help ensure process and legislation compliance. 

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