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Insights For Employers: Two Agencies Submitted The Same Resume. Now What?

What is double representation? This term is commonly used in the staffing industry to describe a situation when a candidate is submitted to the same company for the same role by two competing staffing agencies. It is also a sign that one of the agencies you have partnered with may not be operating at the standard you are expecting.

Navigating through competing agency representation can be tedious and time consuming for employers. The good news is that there are a few ways to lower the risk of double-representation occurring. The first is to make sure that as an employer, you are doing your due diligence when seeking out a staffing agency with whom to partner. A high performance staffing firm should be able to provide references from both clients and candidates about their experience working with that firm. They should also have a Standard Operating Procedure outlining their steps throughout their recruitment process that has been analyzed by employment legal specialists to ensure quality and compliance and transparency throughout the process.

The most common response that I hear from a candidate when I tell them that they have already been represented to a company is “What? How? I didn’t know they sent my resume, I only spoke to them for a few minutes.” Resumes should only be submitted to company opportunities once permission has been obtained from the candidate.

At ARES, we believe that there should be a formal contract, or master services agreement in place that outlines expectations between the employer and the staffing company when it comes to screening and submitting candidates. In many ways, a staffing partner is an extension of your company and brand. Staffing agencies represent the employers in the hiring process and as a result, can implicate your team with the liabilities associated with non compliant sourcing techniques. By outlining what is expected of the staffing firm, you are setting the scene that “throwing resumes at the wall to see which one will stick” will not be an acceptable level of service.

ARES uses a proprietary recruitment standard operating procedure for all staffing assignments. This process ensures that accurate details are captured before the recruitment process begins, that detailed assessment of potential candidates happens during the process, and that the chances of double agency representation is minimized. Candidates submitted to employers by ARES often meet or exceed all technical and behavioral competencies, which results in long-term candidate and operational success.

For more information on how ARES Staffing can enhance your list of preferred staffing partners, reach out to us!

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