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Job Seeker Insights: 10 Steps To Land A Government Contract Assignment Through ARES

So you’ve decided that you would like to land a Government contract opportunity, but you don’t know where to start. Landing a Government contract through ARES is easier than you think.

Here are 10 STEPS on how to leverage ARES during your Government contract job search.

1. Register with us! Cruise over to and scroll to the bottom of the page until you find “Please click here to send us your resume.” Register.

2. Prepare to move quickly. When a new Government job opportunity is released, there are usually strict deadlines around resume submissions and dates, typically 48-72 hours. This is one of the reasons that ARES prefers to post new Government contract opportunities through our social media channels as opposed to the ARES Job Board.

3. Social media. Follow us on LinkedIn ( and Instagram (@aresstaffing) to keep up to date on the latest ARES Government Contract Opportunity alerts.

4. Connect with us. Always feel free to connect with an ARES Recruiter through LinkedIn or by emailing us at . We make it easy to speak with an ARES representative and we are here to help.

5. Customize your resume. Once you have determined that you have the skill sets required for the job, make sure to list them in the customized version of the resume being submitted. A generic resume may not list your skills in a way that maximizes chances of success.

6. Stay organized. When speaking to a recruitment professional about a Government opportunity, try to remember to ask for and to keep track of the job’s unique ID number. Every Government contract opportunity has a unique ID that typically looks like this “RQ#####”.

7. Accuracy. If you are called by multiple recruiting companies for government jobs, make sure to mention the unique Job ID to the recruiter. This will ensure that you know exactly which opportunity you are discussing and will help you avoid being represented for the same job by two different recruitment companies.

8. Patience. Once your application is received by the Ontario Government, be patient as the process to review applications can take a little longer than the application submission process. Feel free to connect with your ARES Recruitment contact for an update on the status of your application.

9. Follow up. Be aware that many Government Contract opportunities only allow for 1 resume submission per agency. Regardless which agency you have selected to represent you, you may want to consider following up the day that the information is due to ensure that your information was in fact submitted successfully.

10. Keep in touch. If we do not currently have an opening that matches your particular skill-set, salary range or location, connect with an ARES Recruiter so they are able to quickly call you once a position that matches what you’re looking for opens up. New positions come in daily and it’s only a matter of time before the right one for you becomes available. We are here to help.

We wish you success in your job search!



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