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ARES Supports Ryerson University's Green Economy Bridging Program Virtual Career Conversation Panel

Thank you to Juliet Dhanraj, MSc, LEED GA, ISSP-SA, Jose A. Garcia, P. Eng., MBA, and all those that work so smart and effectively to drive the Ryerson University - G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education Green Economy Bridging Program, for including ARES Staffing Solutions in last week's Virtual Career Conversation Panel.

At ARES Staffing Solutions we love innovation. Whether it’s exploring innovation around AI and it’s applications in the world of Staffing, or working towards innovative ideas to support inclusive thinking - we are big fans.

That's why supporting the Green Economy Bridging Program at the Ryerson University - G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education is a natural fit for us.

We appreciate the innovative approach that this program brings helping to open doors for internationally educated professionals in this important, exciting and growing sector.

The Green Economy is defined as an economy that aims for sustainable development without degrading the environment and the Green Economy program fuses the idea of lifelong learning with lifelong sustainability.

It humbles us that you include us a partner in your journey. We look forward to continuing to support!



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