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Technologist In Focus: Zach Shore, IT Technical Support Specialist, Healthcare Industry

Meet Zach Shore. Zach is a Technical Support Specialist supporting users, many whom are front- line workers, at a Health Care Facility. We had the opportunity to catch up with Zach for a quick chat!

What is your most memorable moment?

"Working in IT, I never thought that I would have the opportunity to make a real impact on a patient’s life, but there was one moment that proved me wrong.

Most of the work I do from day to day tends to be straightforward technical work – whether it’s granting access to an email account, resetting someone’s password, or providing support over the phone to our users working from home.

One day, I was asked to setup a new iPad in our Newborn Care Unit. Thinking it was business as usual, I completed the setup and stayed behind for a few minutes to make sure things were working as expected. I thought the iPad would simply be used for regular work, but then the nurse dialed a number and started a FaceTime call with one of the newborn's parents. That’s when I realized that the iPad could be used for instances such as when a parent might not be able to be present at the birth or aftercare of their child. I briefly witnessed a mother and father spending time with their newborn child which they hadn’t seen since the baby was born. It was truly touching to witness and reminded me that you don’t have to be a health care professional to make a real impact supporting our community during this difficult time."

Do you ever feel scared or concerned about going into work during a pandemic?

"Initially, when I would talk with family and friends about my job, they would often ask me if I was fearful about working at a hospital, seeming to believe that a hospital is a dangerous place to work during a time like this.

I always explain that our hospitals are amazing, and always go over and above to help keep everyone safe. People were always exercising an abundance of caution for

everyday tasks even before the pandemic and now it has all been taken to a whole new level of safety. Months later, I feel that our collective effort, practicing physical distancing, wearing a mask at all times, and being conscious of one another have quelled the fears and concerns I may have initially felt."

Being a Technologist supporting a Healthcare environment, how do you adapt to such a rapidly changing environment? What are some of the biggest challenges to


"Being able to properly technically support the users that work from home can be a challenging task due to the large variety of computer devices, brands and operating systems in "Bring Your Own Device" scenarios. I adapt by continuously learning best practices around the technologies that I support. The biggest challenge is finding time to balance learning with working since the speed of technology keeps things changing so rapidly.

Today I can confidently support the various devices used in our workplace and I often fix them like I'm working on autopilot. I'm fortunate to work in a collaborative environment that brings excellent communication and knowledge to the table to help everyone get the job done."

Do you ever feel like you might get burnt out, and also, what about the job keeps things interesting?

"There are definitely busy days when I wonder how we are going to get everything done, and those days can be quite tiring. One of the biggest parts of my job is managing the incoming support tickets. It’s our job to assess and prioritize the many requests that come through the door, and it can be stressful deciding which issue is the most important. As someone who strives to help everyone whether their problem is big or small, this was a change from the way I would normally work.

The demand in my position during this unique situation taught me that I can’t solve everyone's technical problems immediately all of the time. Ultimately I successfully solve issues that arise, and the job gets done through strong organization and time management. As a technologist, I can tell you that the variety of issues that arise within a hospital does keep my job and career path extremely interesting and I'm always learning more."

Stay healthy and safe!




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